Denon introduces another pricey Blu-ray player

I just posted the article Denon introduces another pricey Blu-ray player.

Denon has introduced a new standalone Blu-ray player that offers owners everything but the kitchen sink, in what the company says is the world’s first high-end universal Blu-ray player.

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I gots to get me one of those! I’ll use my tax cut from Obama next year!

Most manufacturers are lowering their entry level prices. High end units never go down. We can still see high end CD player for a few thousand bucks!

Only 8 months late on this article so i’m sure there is something even better you can use your tax cuts on like hookers

As a self proclaimed audiophile/ movie critic and part time “Ufologist”, I can only imagine how great watching Talledega Nights would be on this awesome player- especially with a set of top of the line Monster Cables and some performance enhancing drugs in my system!!!

crap I can’t read dates nm me i’m just retarded (today at least)

Not to mention a nice 24" 1080P screen!