Denon DVD-1930 provides affordable 1080p HDMI upscaling

I just posted the article Denon DVD-1930 provides affordable 1080p HDMI upscaling.

                                                          At the Denon site, we  can see that they are about to release an affordable upscaling DVD player, that features  HDMI with up to 1080p...
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@CDan- Don’t shoot the messenger brother! :+ I feel a flame coming on!!!

Man, this is huuuuge!!! I just had a quick look at the specs and 98dB range for CD is really something for the price, not to mention the upsampling. I always digged Denon sound, they were the first to implement 20 bit (from 16) upsampling, then everybody else followed the case. Yet I found the HDMI fine print worrysome, as it is not clear whether hi-def is supported over conventional connectors. …and XVID+x.264 would be an awesome addition (instead of Fuji wtftheycallit). Anyhow, like The Dude said once to Mrs. Lebowsky (Bunny), “let me just go and find a cash machine” :+ Cheers

Smoke and mirrors. :stuck_out_tongue:

Fidel, I agree. this thing seems to be quite a value. I would sure like to see a review of this puppy at say secrets of home theater.

Do a Google on: +Faroudja +“Dell 2407” +banding Lots of problems with this Faroudja thing

Dell supposedly fixed this with revision A03… MB

Does Faroudja still suffer from macroblocking, where it looks pixellated? These things do work but only to an extent. Part of how it works is keeping the signal digital as opposed to a DVD player that uses component connections.