Denon bluray region unlock


i want region lock for denon bluray player Model A1 UD



I’ve not seen any region code software hacks for Blu ray players.

From Wikipedia: [I]Unlike DVD region codes, Blu-ray region codes are verified only by the player software, NOT by the drive and the computer operating system. The code is stored in a file of the player program or in the registry. In stand-alone players, it is part of the firmware.[/I]

There are companies that modify the hardware of some stand alone Blu ray players, changing the firmware of the players to be region free. Search Google for blu ray mods.

Yeah there are remote hacks for certain Blu-ray machines but they’re few and far between and tend to be purely for region free DVD playback not Blu-ray.

My Sony BDP-S560 can be made region free for DVD playback via a remote hack although this requires an additional programmable remote control.

From what I can see though there don’t seem to be any hacks available for Denon Blu-ray machines.