Denon Blu Ray playing AVCHD

Recently purchased a Sony HD Camcorder and checked to see if Denon model 2500BT could play AVCHD files. According to this site it can however have had no luck so far.
Contacted Denon and they advised that they do not support AVCHD and none of their Blu Ray’s can play this format.

Any help would be appreciated.


You might want to look through this thread about players that can use AVCHD:

I checked the thread and it says that Denon 2500 supports AVCHD but so far no luck


I was really thinking about the posts that said you could add some folders and get some players to work with this format, but unfortunately the link in that thread is dead. Might do some investigation on the net about this. Look at, and forums to start.

The Denon requires an AUXDATA folder on the disc in order to play AVCHD. I believe this should be an empty folder under BDMV. It forces the Denon into BD mode and tricks it into playing AVCHD. This is called the AVC_AUX format:





BD Players 2500 and 1800 do not and - according to Denon - will not play AVCHD DL-DVDs. But there’s a solution which is incredibly simple: Just insert an empty folder named “AUXDATA” under BDMV, this will force the Denon to read the AVCHD-DL DVD as Blu Ray.

Do you insert this file on the DVD you are about to create? If yes, is this performed with the (PMB) Sony software? Or is this done on the 1800BD?

The AUXDATA folder must be present in the file structure before being burnt to disk.


This is not performed using the PMB (Sony) software that comes with the camcorder right? Which program do you recommend to burn the dvd (DL right?)

[QUOTE=hharryus;2562148]This is not performed using the PMB (Sony) software that comes with the camcorder right? Which program do you recommend to burn the dvd (DL right?)[/QUOTE]

You’ll have to insert the empty AUXDATA folder manually. Then burn to a disk using ImgBurn.
Would probably be best to burn using the UDF 2.5 setting.

Size of the blank dvd depends entirely on the size of your video. You can make single or double layer AVCHD disks.

Thank you!

[QUOTE=hharryus;2563497]Thank you![/QUOTE]

I too have the same problem mentioned above and I am new to all of this!!

I have downloaded IMGBurner but I am unsure of how to actually place the required folder into the data before burning?

I can creat an AVCHD disc in sonys PMB software but that is where I get stuck.

Any help would be really appreciated as it will save me having to get a Blu Ray burner


^If all you need to do is insert the AuxData folder, just open the BDMV folder you’ve made in the Sony PMB software, [B]right[/B] click on an open area within the folder and click on New–>Folder. Name the folder AUXDATA and you are done.

Burn to a disk with ImgBurn.

someone helm me…
i have the denon 3800 bd and i need to play the disc AVSHD 709 with test pattern…
Denon 3800 dont play AVCHD


It might be easier to download and burn the blu ray version of the AVSHD 709 calibration disc. This assumes you have a blu ray burner of some sort, but the notes also say it can be burned to a dvd and played in some blu ray players.

You can find the blu ray version on this page: It is the very first download listed, called HDMV.exe

There are detailed instructions on how to use the downloaded material at that site.

If you do not have a blu ray burner, and the HDMV.exe is not working from a dvd, you can always try inserting an AuxData folder in the AVCHD version.

unfortunatly i dont have a bd burner on my pc:(
i try to use a dvd and i put AUXDATA folder into the compilation
it’s this folder empty?

Yes, the AUXDATA folder should be empty, and should be placed within the BDMV folder.

the denon see now the BD disc, i can play it, i do start but i dont see nothing in video…
I think there are some of wrong…

Can you help me to do the exact procedure to burn the image with imgburn?
the program ask me the UDF REVISION and the Label.

I’m not sure if you have a corrupted download of the disc or not. That might be the issue.

When burning blu ray or avchd, you should use UDF 2.50. Imgburn should offer to change the setting for you and should offer to make a label for the disc if you do not put one in.

To change this manually, start ImgBurn and go to Build mode. Under Options, change the file system to UDF and set the UDF revision to 2.50.