Denis leary's rant on autistic kids

Comedian DENIS LEARY[whom all I remember him by is a film
called DEMOLITION MAN] Shout off his mouth saying kids
that were autistic were just fat,and lazy!. Now to me
this guy’s not just short of a full deck,he never had one
all together.

While I don’t completely agree with all he says, I do think there are way too many kids that are given drugs as the “easy” fix. Another thing that irks me is those parents that drop their kids off at the mall with a credit card instead of planning family activities. Too many parents here in the USA expect others (teachers, coaches, friend’s parents, television, DVDs etc.) to do the heavy lifting in raising their children with values and morals. If they feed them, cloth them and put a roof over their heads then they think have done enough. Then when these kids rebel in the least they take them to the Doc and get them on medication. IMO, many kids on medication are just looking for their parents to show some interest in them. This happens way too often in the Washington, DC area where I live. Especially in households where both parents are professionals with time consuming, well paying jobs.

Although I don’t totally agree with or like many of his views, I think the dude is hilarious! And at least he admits himself that he’s an asshole.

THIS right here makes me mad! Especially since I am Autistic myself! fat and lazy?! I don’t think so!

And proud of it.