Demuxing vobs into audio/video files

What is the best tool for this? I’ve tried Decrypter, and unless I am doing someone wrong…it won’t work! Is there a guide somewhere for demuxing vobs?


You’re probably doing something wrong, put dvd in, hit I for IFO mode, stream processing tab, choose DEMUX.


Yeah, thanks…sussed it, I’m a thick f**ker at times :stuck_out_tongue:

One more question, is there anyway that the demuxed video files can be demuxed as a single file rather than x amount according to how many vobs there are? The audio is ok, that come out as 1 file, but the video was split into 4 :confused:

If not, whats the best way of joining them…please don’t say Tmpeg :frowning:

Should come out as one file, set your file splitting options.