Demuxed Video File is only 1 second Long! Help!

Hey All,

Hope this one is posted in the correct forum. I’ve used DVDdecrypter to demux a VOB file down to its MPEG and AC3 stream. This file was the VTS_1_0.vob file. It contains the FBI warning, some sponsor type adds, and the main motion menu. The trouble is when I bring this up in my authoring software (tried Spruce DVDmaestro & Sonic DVD creator) it thinks the video file is only 1 second long. It recognizes the time code of the AC3 file just fine. Trying to play the MPEG file in the authoring software just brings up a black screen that quickly goes away; however I can play it back fine using WMP, Nero, & Power DVD. Any idea what’s causing this or how to correct it? Any help would be appreciated.

Doc Gonzo :bow:

Trying to demux the VTS_1_0.vob file is always full of problems as its not a normal vob file like the 1 gig VTS_1_1.vob is. If your trying to rip out the motion menu, then use DVD2AVI (open the VTS_1_0.VOB file ONLY) and set the range to the section you want, set audio to demux, then save project. Then rencode the *.d2v file in TMPGEnc at about 4000 bitrate (or what ever turns you on :slight_smile: ) You now have the motion video & audio components of the menu that can be authored in Maestro.