Demonoid invite please?

been patiently waiting for demonoid to open up registration for some time and still no go. would anyone be willing to hook me up with an invite?


Welcome to CDF’s

The response you will get here is you just joined here to get an invite to Demonoid? Good luck…

Lets see if I understand this. You joined this forum and your first post is for an invite to another forum?:disagree:

didn’t mean to hurt your feelings. i have actually been a member since may. been doing a lot of reading and this was just my first post.

instead of waiting 2 or 3 months to ask a favor, the next time i join a forum i will extend the wait to 6 or 12 for legitamacy. sound good?

thanks for the warm welcome anyway.

It’s not that … it’s just people keep coming here for an invite and only make 1 post. I thought you were doing the same thing. I have no invites :disagree:

i know that in the last month it was posted several times when it was a good time to join. so just keep visiting & reading the forums here. if what you say is true then you’ll keep it up here.and eventually you’ll get what your after.
good luck

Please refer to this post/thread: