Demonoid down?

I keep getting an You tried to access the address, which is currently unavailable. Please make sure that the Web address (URL) is correctly spelled and punctuated, then try reloading the page

error when i go to the page…are they just down for maintance?

Dunno why they’re down but I’m getting the same thing.

This is the info I get.

We are currently performing the daily site maintenance. We’ll be back soon

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i have got that message before…but today i just get the error message

There were some changes made to the web site earlier today.
You had to log-in to even view the listed torrents. Previously, you were able to view the torrents without being a member (log-in was not required), but you could not download the torrent file.

I still can’t get on it…not with Opera or IE

Here’s 2 quotes from one of their staff:

“I tried to force a disk check, and the f**king thing decided not to come back online after a reboot. It seems the data is lost. I have a few days old backup though…it is definitely not my week.”

Prediction on when it’ll be back up:

“We were waiting for the Host’s support to bring the server back up (due [7]hrs ago), when this happens we will at least have a message onsite with more details.”

I hope that clarifies things somewhat.

from the topic on their IRC channel

[B]Site offline for a few days while harddrives get replaced[/B]

this is the message of the day

We had a system problem which will force us to restore everything from backup.
The disks are pretty much empty right now and until we are able to upload the backup and set up everything up, we have to close down.

We’ll be back as soon as possible. Sorry for the inconvenience.

That’s to bad. Demonoid is like Alice’s Restaurant :bigsmile:

based on the fork in the logo maybe it’s the Jester’s restaurant :stuck_out_tongue:

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this is gonna kill a few hours :wink: damn you!

site is still down 6/27 3:30AM

I just read this at the dutch site:

The website has been taken down due to a lawsuit that the Dutch RIAA (called BREIN) has filed against them.

Although the torrents have a russian origin, the server itself resides in The Netherlands

My advice: Stay the hell away from demonoid, especially if you’re dutch! :slight_smile:

Well that’s disturbing! That was my favorite site. Oh well…


June 27 Demonoid

We were planning on returning online in the next few hours - probably tomorrow afternoon. But due some recent events, and following the advice of a lot of you, we will make a few more changes that might take a few days longer. As always, thanks for you continued support and patience. For the ones wondering, the timing of the downtime was coincidental.

Roughly tranlated from above

Bittorrentsite offline after intimation Brein

Wednesday 27 June 2007, 13:51 - of the most popular bittorrentsites, Demonoid, have been since Tuesday morning offline. Cause is possibly an intimation of foundation Brein to the address of hostingprovider Leaseweb.

Of the foundation Brein won last week a short lawsuit of hosting provider Leaseweb concerning bittorrentsite The foundation kondigde then already to its arrows to aim at a large international site. That proves be now Demonoid.
Brein has summoned Leaseweb to obtain offline Demonoid and the names and address data of the site owner to supply. Brein thinks that Demonoid are thus inaccessible because Leaseweb to the intimation want approach. On further bald homepage Demonoid themselves communicate however that a system problem forces us by everything from the backup repairing. Demonoid promise be further as soon as possible online.

Demonoid are with its 170,000 torrent-bestanden one of the most popular bittorrentsites in the world. From a sample of Brein, developed by TNO, becomes clear that on average 93.8 percent of the accessible files is comment as a resistance worker, thus Brein. This outcome gives clearly to that illegal offer there leading takes place on large international uitwisselsites such as Demonoid, thus Brein-directeur time Kuik.

Responsibility this type sites adopts, however, the responsibility to refuse pornographic material prohibited, but draws himself of it nothing if files make unmistakably violation on authors and adjoining rights, thus Kuik. According to Brein-directeur Leaseweb are considered as a safe port for this type sites. There an end to, thus Kuik must come.
According to Kuik Leaseweb for caused damage as the hosting provider responsible in the possession do not appear of reliable naw-gegevens of torrentsites are which offers copyright protected material.

Moreover Brein seems also unintentionally make publicity for bittorrentsites by noticing that almost 93 per cent of files the commented as a resistance worker were useful and that the none of the useful copyright protected files other content contained then title of content indicated. Bittorrent files seem be mostly more reliable than files of p2p-netwerken as Fasttrack and Edonkey, which frequently have a misleading name

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They will be back tomorrow, hopefully

And just like the pirate bay they will be forced to log everything. But hey, keep downloading illegal stuff, i’m sure nothing will ever happen.

amsterdam, netherlands

the noose tightens

should be back on wednsday,from the site:

July 1 There was a delay with our new hardware that pushes the site return for Wednesday. The Forum is now back online though.