Demomoid Registration Open

It is Friday April 6th 2007 and the popular torrent site has opened registration.
Not sure it it will be opened for one day as they were considering changing from opening every Friday to opening once per month for several days.

This is an opportunity for those who were seeking invitations in the previously closed thread.

Nope… Damn it’s closed already…

It’s open on my browser FF.

Did for me too in FF and IE6. Still open.

Read their T’s & C’s - I think there might be something in there about signing your firstborn’s soul over to the devil, or is your own soul?

It appears that registrations are now closed.
Not even opened for a full day.

I think their day starts around Aussi/New Zealand time.

so who wants an invitation

This is exactly why the other thead was closed. Please do not use this site for this purpose.:cop:

OK. Sorry . Didn’t know.

I’ve been trying to enter but I get this error about maintenance. It’s been like that for some time. Anyone experiencing the same thing?

I was just there and signed in and out. No problems here.

i’ve seen that site a few times but never wanted to use it… it seems cool tho

missed out, could someone plz send me invitation code

This is what Alan said just a few posts up:

This thread can now be closed as registrations are closed and people are starting to troll for invitations…

Would a mod please do the honors?

Hi i am wondering if some one could pm me a torrent invite to demonoid torrent site that would be so great@

They have registration on Fridays.

From demonoid torrent site : Friday is over, and we’ve just closed the open registrations after 4 days of them being open.
A big welcome to all our new members.

From demonoid torrent site: We will be changing the open registration schedule for now on. We have not yet decided, but it will probably will be open 2 or 3 consecutive days, once per month. We’ll inform you here when we decide.


is it much happier in or in or

Thank me after you see this