Demo of Blu-ray's BD-J (bonus view)

One of the pioneers and pre-eminent produceers of bonus features for DVDs and Blu-ray Discs, Van Ling, walks you through the Bookmarks, 432 Chapter Stops, and all the innovative bonus features he has created for the Blu-ray Disc edition of “Independence Day” in this first of three videos

Bookmarks, 432 Chapter Stops and Innovative Bonus Features

More demos:

Alien Scavenger Hunt interactive game

Pop-up Commentary Text

Independence Day Blu-ray will be released in March 11.

Saw this last night. Great features for Blu-ray. But do we need all of these? Maybe for some. As long as they don’t reduce the picture and audio quality for “extra features”…

Oh one thing, all of this will require license paid for (BD-) Java on the disc and player side. :rolleyes: