Demo disc can possibly wipeout PS2 game progress memory

I just posted the article Demo disc can possibly wipeout PS2 game progress memory.

GristyMcFisty used our news submit to tell us that over at C|Net they
are saying PlayStation 2 owners are discovering that a demo disc distributed by
Sony could accidentally erase the memory…

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that would be a good prank…I am on my way to game store to see if i can pick one up:d

Yeah and you’ll probably end up with a ‘Viewtiful’ Black Eye when someone finds out their save games have disappeared AFTER you made them play that damn demo disc :g

Am I the only person to be surprised by the fact that Playstation software has the security rights to delete ANY file on a memory card? A proper security model would be software can ONLY access saved data that they created, or at least by that same company (ex: Capcom has access to all other Capcom saved files). And only the PS@ bootup screen has admin access to every file, for end user cleanup. Now you have to worry about every game you download as a malicious warez group could wipe your saved games just for kicks.

What is the full title of this demo?