Demand for DVD-R media as storage medium to increase

I just posted the article Demand for DVD-R media as storage medium to increase.

On we can read that while the current struggle to find the best recordable DVD format, Matsushita has decided to drop it’s production of Floppy Disk Drives (FDD).

The company thinks…

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Well, the floppy drive is the school’s most favorite system (at least my schools). Damn piece of Sh*t… There’s no way for me to take home the warez I download off of their T3!!! Nothing fits on a 1.44MB indeed! :r

DanDaMan1487, never heard of arj for dos? and this command? arj -a -va -v1440 just d/l arj.exe for dos and experiment… arj a whole dir, and subdirs into files that fit on a floppy -v1440)…

DanDaMan1487 … I just email myself the files. Even once, I brought my external zip drive to school!:slight_smile:

Inssane, I don’t think i will be able to fit 100’s of MBs of warez into a floppy by using ARJ compression… ant4bud - e-mailing myself the files isn’t a choice for me since at home I got a fukin’ 56K. I am thinking about buying a firewire writer or something similar to bring to school (yes, the school comps have firewire). I hate 56K!!! FCK 56K!!! :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

I hated 56k. So i got adsl. I hated adsl too. I’m happy with cable. Plus i can’t afford anything more than cable. So yea

hmm no more 3.5 drives now where the hell is the startup disk supposed to go in case of emergency? long gone are the days of 12’ and 5 1/4 in disks even cassette drives (yes im that old :4 ) now 3.5 down the tubes just another example of technology eating itself

Stormshadow5150… you don’t need a start up disk just change your boot sequence in CMOS for a CD or DVD to load first. I haven’t used a startup disk in 3 years… even when formatting

And where from would you specify ‘S’ to load additional hardware drivers (F6) while doing a fresh install of Windows 2000/XP/.NET (in order to access devices attached to newer SCSI adapters/or harddrives attached to additional IDE channels on some motherboards). Yes, I suppose you could mount a floppy drive just for this one occasion (load a driver during installation) and remove it later.

Interesting, but how do you load a generic cd driver without a cd rom driver to begin with?

they are loaded into your bios or something… damn i dunno… but try it change your boot sequence and you can boot a cdrom

You don’t need drivers at all. How do you think the CPU communicated with HD drives? All CD-ROMs have an MMC instruction set. As long as it’s hooked up to IDE, SCSI, or ATA, it will boot from a CD.

1.44 is almost dead. there are bootable CDRs now eh.

Uhmm… Linux uses FDD to boot if you can’t write to MBR and uhmm…some Raid Drivers come on FDD so you can setup RAID on your motherboard. My PCI IDE Controller Card came with the drivers on Floppy. They need to find another medium to run these kind of applications on. A floppy disk can be written on without any software installed. I can save my specifically configured installation disks generated by the OS on floppy. I can’t save it on CD-R through command line prompts during installation. As much as I hate floppies also, they need another type of hardware to handle these kind of applications.