Delta force task force dagger

i have tried copying this game and all i get is a page default it will install but not play ive tried using cloneyxxl and no such luck what else can i try. i am using a philips cdrw

I am trying to backup my Delta Force: Task Force Dagger investment using Plextor PX-W2410A and CloneCD 4.0 with no success. I have tried the recommended settings on CCD 4 but still can have get a 1:1 copy. I wonder if anyone out there who was successfull or maybe can tell us how to do it successfully. I have tried BlindWrite, Alcohol 120% but no success. I am sure my CD-Writer can do this. Hope someone can hear us.:a

What protection does this game use?

Delta Force - Task Force Dagger uses Safedisc 2.60.052 I believe

Safedisc 2.6x with a 1 sheep 24x plex? Might work without AWS, should be possible with AWS but no guarantee (as it might not work at all).

Try each of the following:

  • clonecd with and without AWS;
  • blindwrite with and without AWS;
  • alcohol with and without bypass efm errors;
  • cdmate with and without SAM;
  • discdump to make an image with fireburner to write it.

Good luck, remember that if you want to run the copy from a writer you’ll have to enable hide cd media before doing so, and please report back as to how you get on.

I have this game, I confirm Sd2.60.052 and I wasn’t able to do a working bacup with my Plex24x.

I successfully burned this game using a 40125S and the CD Freaks safedisc profile in CloneCD 4.

I guess that doesn’t really help plex owners though…

Arrg!!!:a Don’t tell me that my Plex is not a good writer. So then tell me, is Liteon 48X12X48X a good one? I sold my Liteon and stayed with the Plex . My wife will kill me:bow: if she came to know that I swapped the Liteon with the Plex.

I bought the plex first a PX-W4824A … found that it wouldn’t copy … ordered the LiteOn 40125S and wife was saying WTF you doing … but then I don’t go to bars and chase other chicks or anything so it kinda dropped.:smiley:

Now I’m in burner heaven with two drives and nothing to copy.

I have backed up my copy of DF Task Force Dagger useing the LiteOn with CloneCD. From what I understand from this forum the Plex should also do it now with the new Firm Ware ??

I have the latest that is still in the Plex site, 1.04. I don’t know of any newer f/w other than the 1.04. Well I am anticipating the same from the wife. So I have to put some $$ in my pocket and hang in on some bars.:slight_smile:

Originally posted by TeeCee
Plex should also do it now with the new Firm Ware ??
Yep. PX-W4824A/U can do SD v2.70 with AWS enabled. The same applies to the PX-W2410A drive. Well at least it should work…

Originally posted by G@M3FR3@K
Yep. PX-W4824A/U can do SD v2.70 with AWS enabled. The same applies to the PX-W2410A drive. Well at least it should work…

Unfortunately I can tell you that I wasn’t able to obtain a fully working backup with my Plex24x (toshiba dvdrom doesn’t pass the cdcheck).

As stated earlier I didn’t have anything to back up … had to go out and I picked up Ghost Recon Island Thunder … love this game and finished what I had of it yesterday.

Cloney reported it as SafeDisk 2.51 … I noticed the link above says the disk is SafeDisk 2 … anyway my Plex backed it up and my Asus S400 read it and installed and played … Used CDFreaks CloneCD 2.51 W/AWS

Now I’m NOT telling the wife the Plex now does what I wanted in the first place :bigsmile:

Okay, tell me one thing. Wife is getting worried. I have used 5 cd-r from her stock without any success. Maybe I am doing something wrong here. I use the Plex to read and create an image, then use the same to write from the image. Is that correct? I have a BENQ 52X cd-rom. If I use this for read, it takes a long time before I can see a 1% copied to the image. I am not sure really if I am doing it right.


get daemon tools and use that without emulation to see if the image is good before you try to burn. The image you have may not be any good .