Delta Force Land Warrior /says put in larger capacity cd or do less files



Having much trouble backing up Delta force land warrior it evidently has a special new copy device on it it said all my cdr s and cdrw’s were too small even though I used 700mb ones I tried to delete some of the files and finally all but one then it was ready to copy . does anybody have an idea how to back up such an animal I’ve never ran into this before. Thankyou


No problem here…used NERO…and a crack from Game Copy World. Works excellent!


use clone cd 2843 check fast error skip and 80 min cd this game is safedisc 2 but one of the easier one’s to copy, Safe disc 2 is customizable as you will find try backing up Hitman, red alert 2 , black and white ect.they are harder.good luck mate.


Just use cloneCD, it always works… I’ve never had any problems with it, so why is everybody asking how to copy this and that???


Unfortunately with the Safedisc 2 protection, clonecd is not always the answer anymore.
Check our clonecd forum and you’ll see for yourself


hmmm why am I the only one that never has any problems with copying CDs??? I just use and can copy everything!?!?!? very very strange


Well, then you are probably one of the lucky ones with a burner which supports RAW writing fully.
Or you have never had to burn a Safedisc 2 protected cd.