Delta Force - Land warior

Hi i searched the board and got nuthing =0) . . . so i used clonecd with a 80 minute cd-r i used my plextor 16/10/40a and i know its safedsic v2. so i did what “clonecd game database detector” told me to. and made a image. the setup works and it starts to install but by the time it comes to 70, it crashes sooooo what should i check and uncheck for this?

clonecd version:
under read i got “fast error skip” ON

and thats it. thanx in advance l8r.
and p.s i dont wanna do what is at gamecopyworld cuz it invloves editing files and that makes a false 1:1 =0)

Yes it is safe disc 2 but safe disc 2 is customizable ,use 80 minute fast error skip, and close cd for writing .I have made a successful backup with my HP9310i firmware 1.0c .And we all know the HP’s can not backup the harder safedisc 2 games . it all depends on the safedisc 2 settings which were used when it was originally burnt.I believe I had 2851 CCD version but the 2852 is not a problem .

ok thanx man. ill tell my friedn to pack it up. because he has a hp too than bye