Delta 3 Land Warrior wont copy do they have differnent copy protection than Delta 2?

Put nocd in Delta Land Warrior and it would just lock up. Tried my old way of getting disc rready to copy pulling old exec out and replacing it with nocd then I can have a cd with a nocd built into it, but when I would hit copy it would say disc not big enougn even though it was 700 mb and game only 654mb I took out several files still said same thing. Took out all but one left something lilke 50mb still disc not big enough . Has Novalogic come up with a different anti copy for Delta 3 than they had on Delta 2 cause I copied it real easy this way? Any insight apprreciated. Lotta work not to get the game> Any insight apprreciated. Bat


before i had my lite-on cd-rw i tried to back up land warrior the same way as you are trying to do but it has a couple of files that aren’t very big at all but they tell your pc that they are over 2 gig in size.

i found you can drag most of the files of the cd but a few files wont budge.
try using cd mate or fantom cd to copy the cd this worked for me and my old burner was CRAP!

or make an image and use beta blocker :smiley: