Delphi NeroAPI

Is anyone using Delphi NeroAPI? Has anyone managed to do anythng with it? It seems UserDlg callback never gets called.
I know this is not Delphi NeroAPI support forum, but I can’t find any answer anywhere.

I am using DelphiNeroApi in my program The FilmMachine to burn DVD’s. I changed something so that it works. Also gave those changes to the administrator of DelphiNeroApi and he assured me that he will implement the changes I made.

If you want the changed code and a example program just let me know.

The Mask, I would like that very much. I posted the same problem on SourceForge about a month ago, but still no response.
Please send me code and example to mblataric (at) vip (dot) hr

Thank you very very much.

Mask, thanks on changed version.

I hope guys on SourceForge will release new version soon. Although it looks like no one is there :-((.

Hello The Mask,

I’m also a Delphi programmer. I would use the corrected version of DelphiNeroAPI. Is it possible that I could get also the changed version? My mailadress is amigage (at) thepentagon (dot) com

Thanks in advance and greetings from Germany

May I have the code too?
I am getting several messages when trying to burn a CD, but the last one is the critical one:

Aborted by user

Result: No burn and a CD eject.

I only tried to make a Video-DVD but I think you should get it to work with a CD.

Please send me your email adress.

I am trying to write a DVD-Video using NeroAPI I’d be happy to get your code as well, Thanks.

Please send me you email adress.

Hi The Mask,

I too would be glad if you could send me your changes. My email is “sleclercq <ath> pgp <doth> be”


Hi The Mask,

I too would be glad if you could send me your changes. My email is bs (at) dsa-gmbh (dot) de



I have just tried to use the DelphiNeroAPI, downloaded latest version, included the components into a new project, is there any docs on how to use effectively ? i set it up but access violations all round ?? not a good start…any help please !

I too would be glad if you could send me your changes. My email is centr (at) bonusme (dot) ru

Best regards

Mask, I´d like to develop an automatic system backup to my customers. I use Delphi 6, Could you send me your changes? My email is weber (at) megabit (dot) com (dot) br