Delphi 7 and NeroCOM Events

Writing a NeroCOM based DVD writing program was pretty painless. However there is one problem

The NeroDrive events aren’t exported from the API using COM. Or so it would seem. I am unable to hook into these events and get progress, notifications, etc.

If anyone has managed to get around this, please let me know.


I don’t have much experience with NeroCOM but I use NeroAPI with Delphi. There is a project (DelphiNeroAPI) on that may help you in the case you want to use NeroAPI. I manage the project and am willing to ask you abou NeroCOM: Is it esay to use with Delphi? Does it works with Nero versions below 6?

Maybe you can help me to integrate NeroCOM to the project or maybe help with NeroAPI. Hope to have helped.


I wonder if you have been lucky implementing the NeroCom events on Delphi7.

Do you know why _INeroDriveEvents are not published on any component? This interfase has OnProgress, OnDoneBurn, OnDoneErase and so on.

I’m trying to do a file writer. Do you have any code?



As I told, I don’t have experience with NeroCOM, but you could try NeroAPI. There is the project I have sent the link. Maybe on the samples of this project you can find something that helps.


Do you have any source code for file-data burning?

I am working on this right now with NeroAPI. There is a class to do this kind of stuff on NeroAPI. I am porting and testing it in delphi.