Dell4600 memory

Hi, i have a dell 4600 it has a intel 865pe chipset i want to get corsair xms memory, will this work in my dell. my dell will run 3200ram will it work, thanks.

It is recommended to use the same brand and CAS latency memory, so using identical sticks is the way to go. Using different memory with different timings will probably cause issues. So just replace your old memory with the new Corsair xms sticks. Don’t mix them. Hope this helps.:slight_smile:

Hi, i was on the corsair site and used there memory helper and also email them on what ram is compadable with my system , i wanted to buy the xms pc3200 but they said it wasnt compadible, i need help in what memory will work . pleaseeee, thanks

Why not go to dell site and see what memory your computer uses or open case and look at memory to see its pc3200 according to the dell site. I installed Kingston pc3200 in a dell last week with no problems but sometimes dell doesnt like generic memory. good luck. also you can go to and do a scan to see what memory is compatible with your computer.

Can you change the ram timings in Dell Bios’?

If not, then installing Corsair, or other high performance ram in dell machines is a waste of time & money :wink:

Good question debro and I have no idea. I know you can on the 865pe chipset but Dell has probably excluded that option in their Bios’s.

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Im, sorry but im not getting a anwser , what corsair ram will work, should i go by there memory finder…

Any corsair ram will work.

But it’s a waste of money spending it on the more expensive corsair ram, if you can’t even use the full potential of it.

You can use the value ram instead, so long as it’s PC3200.

I have 4 sticks of 256 - 2700 would it be better to install 2- 1gig sticks, of 3200 would the performance be alot better

I doubt it.

Dell only use Intel, and I don’t remember if Intel boards can run ram asynchronously to the CPU’s FSB.

If intel must run synchronously, the existing 2700 ram (166/333Mhz) is the fastest the more expensive PC3200 (200/300) Corsair ram will run anyway.

well i know my computer can run the pc3200/400 ram and its dual channel will i get better performance with the 3200, is it worth the money ,thanks