I have contacted both Dell and creative Labs and could no get any info on this. So I’ll try this…

I have a Dell XPS 6000 Dimension desktop. Win XP. The sound card is a (Soundblaster 2ZS.) The integrated audio onboard is (RealtekAC 97 Audio.) I heard the Windows Startup theme,but when I play a song in Windows Media Player it tells me I have a sound problem,and I can still see the music visuals playing,but hear nothing. When I shut off my center speakers,and turn them back on,I hear the sound go on, but unable to play any music.

I went to Bios to see if the integrated Audio was on,and it was. ((I’ve had computers in the past where I had to go to Bios,disable the onboard Audio,so I could hear the Soundblaster.))

In Bios, I disabled the integrated Audio>rebooted> then no Windows startup music. I’ve checked all connections and any onboard programs that could be muted or turned down, but now there is no sound. I went back to BIOS and re-enabled the Realtek 97 onboard Audio.

I went to ADD/REMOVE programs and clicked on the Audigy Soundblaster, I did a repair and it loaded up to 99%,then asked me to put in Disk 1 for the ini.setup files??? Did they mean the DELL XPS 600 resource CD with the drivers/utilities/diagnostics? or the Dell Operating System CD? Is this a dangerous thing to do that could impact this computer? I would hate to mess anything up because it’s out of warranty.

Could there be a conflict with the onboard Realtek 97 and the Soundblaster soundcard, or should they work together? Thank you to all who reply.

Disable onboard or unplug the SB.

Run dxdiag on the commandline.

Disabling the integrated audio should not be required if you have a separate sound card installed in the XPS 600, however, it will not cause problems if you disable it in the BIOS (unless you are trying to use it, obviously).

Since you had at least some sound before you disabled the integrated audio in the BIOS, but no longer had audio after you disabled it, I would double check where the speakers are connected and check the audio configuration to see which output device is selected.

In XP, open up the Sounds and Audio Devices properties window from the Control Panel. Check the Audio and Voice tabs to see what playback devices are selected. Based on your description i think at least one of the dropdowns was set to use the integrated audio instead of the SB card.

For some audio applications you can also select which audio device (card) to use, so you might need to check the configuration of individual programs as well. As an example, I have used Teamspeak (microphone) on the integrated audio while having the game sounds (speakers) using my SB card.

If you have any questions on this, or other problems with your system, I will be happy to provide as much help as I can.

Dell Customer Advocate

Thanks you Larry!
I will try a few things and get back to you. Thank You for your reply…much appreciated.!

Hi Larry,
Since you are a DELL Advocate,I wanted to run this by you. I know this is not an audio question, but the nature of the hard drive and maybe the O.S…not sure.

My friend has a DELL Desktop. He is not that computer literate, and sometimes I can hold my own, although I do not have a DELL, but a Compaq. He said that when he started his computer up, it sounded like an airplane.

I’m guessing a hard drive. He says he sees the DELL start up, then a prompt for F1 or F12 , Menu is gray. Then sees “Hard drive-0. Unknown.” But no Blue Screen. Can not use the mouse and tower is making a ticking noise.

I asked him if he could get to Help and support to maybe go back to system restore,but he can not.

Before I go over there, just wanted to know what tasks I should try to get his computer up and running properly again. He has all his work projects, and Quick books that he’s afraid he lost, and understandably freaking out. Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! :slight_smile: :bow:


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