Dell: We didn't knowingly ship faulty desktops



Dell: We didn’t knowingly ship faulty desktops.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Dell has responded to complaints that the company sold millions of OptiPlex desktop PCs to its business customers, as the company shuffled blame on an Asian contractor and the customer that used OptiPlex computers in a manner they weren't designed for.

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Dell PC’s with faulty Nichicon capacitors should be in a computer museum … so that future generations can laugh & shake their heads at the idiocy of past generations :iagree:


And yet from some reports I have read (true or not) Dell still is not using good quality control on its motherboard capacitors.


Haha. Forgive me if I don’t believe them.


hp has been shipping faulty notebooks for the past few years and getting away with it.


Always buy standard ATX PCs not this disposable DELL/ACER etc crap.