Dell W4200HD & W4200ED 42-inch plasma TVs-W1900 19-inch LCD TV

The W4200HD, a 42-inch high-definition plasma display with a resolution of 1024 x 768. Retail price: $3,499.

The W4200ED, which is like the W4200HD, ehanced-definition resolution of 852 x 480. Retail price: $2,299.

The W1900 (pictured below the W4200HD), a 19-inch LCDhigh-definition TV with a resolution of 1280 x 768. Retail price: $899.

According to varoius websites websites, They will be equipped to receive both analog and digital broadcasts out-of-the-box, due to dual integrated analog and combination digital/analog tuners. The Dell W4200 displays both allow users to multitask by viewing images from different sources simultaneously, with dual tuners and Picture-In-Picture (PIP), Picture-On-Picture (POP), and Picture-By-Picture (PbP) modes. When a PC is attached, the W4200 displays also support PC graphics on PC graphics, video on PC graphics, and video on video.

“Dell is pursuing what it calls ‘breakthrough’ pricing,” Merrill Lynch analyst Steven Milunovich said in an e-mail to investors. “We believe Dell’s hallmark is a good product at a better price. Dell often has low costs because of its direct model and operational excellence.”

Sounds good to me! :bigsmile:

Both TVs are powered by a PixelworksTM chipset. Detailed specs will be available on October 27 from Dell. With the stand the WD4200 is about 10 inches thick. Removed for wall mounting the plasma screen is merely 3.3 inches thin. :stuck_out_tongue:

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HORRIBLE CHOICE THAT YOU WILL REGRET. Please read entire review.

Got my Dell W4200HD. It was easy to set up and everything worked right away from my HD Dish Network receiever. Nice picture, even though I believe it is just a rewrapped Philips. The Dell manual said to use Philips TV codes for my HD Satellite tuner and all universal remotes. I read somewhere else that they are made by Planar, but it looks more like some Philips I have seen.

Anyway, none of the codes worked, even did a scan, so I am I am stuck using two remotes.

Then things went really sour. After a couple of days the DVI connection stopped working. Tech support said they would send me a new cable. Even though I have next day service it took over a week to get the cable. After another hour on the phone with tech support they said it was the TV, so they set up an exchange. I was promised the TV within 3 business days, even though I have next day service. (It’s been 7 days and no TV). Dell gave me a name of an installation company that is supposed to install the new one, but the Installation company has no record of it. Another two hours on the phone, I was promised the moon, but get nothing. Now the TV has really went down hill, as more inputs have quit working and the PIP/POP inputs do not work at all. The sound has deteriated to the point that you cannot understand what people say on a movie or TV show. (The only input that still works is composite).

To top it off, the replacement is going to a refurbished unit!

Trying to get Dell to honor the waranty has been a nightmare and now I am stuck with a 3000.00 dollar paper weight. I have spent over 8 hours on the phone getting passed from department to department. When you buy one they say if you have a problem with it and an exchange is required, they will send a technician out to rebox the old one and install the new one. It has never happened. Since I threw the original box away when I got the TV they will not honor a return and will not send me a new box. I am to the point of contacting an attorney.


Thank you for the warning. Although I have read others that have been happy with this unit, you sure as heck didn’t get a good one. They should not be able to send a refurbished unit, you bought a new TV. If you used a credit card stop payment on it. This is terrible.

I didn’t realise that they would offer a refurbished TV in replacement for a new TV, but then again I have heard bad things done by Dell even here in Ireland.

The main thing I find Dell seem to do is offer equipment with components to a lower specification than what the customer purchased on their online store. For example when my brother bought a Dell laptop with a hyperthreading P4 3GHz, he received a laptop with a regular P4 3GHz processor (but charged for the HT model) and complaining to Dell did not resolve the issue :eek:. The only way he could get his laptop replaced by Dell was by getting a bad review published in the magazine that had the Dell offer he went for. :stuck_out_tongue:

With someone else I spoke to, he received a PC with a lower spec monitor and graphics card than what he ordered and took quite a bit of hastle to get the correct components sent out.

Hey Spockster,

Did you even read your ‘next day service’ contract. Don’t think you did. ‘Next day service’ refers to a technician contacting you within a day after they have recieved the part dispatched from dell. If a tech is not required to replace anything then the item will be SHIPPED next buisness day. READ YOUR CONTRACT. As far as the TV being refurbished, that’s because I’m assuming you have had the TV for over 21 days. And don’t get freaked out over it being ‘refurbished’. To dell that means it was a TV on hold and the order was cancelled before it was shipped. Plus if the refurb works, you’re better off aren’t you? I’m sure Dell legal would love to hear from you. Good luck with your claim!

That’s too bad. I’ve never heard of such a thing about Dell. I should watch out more carefully.

I’d like a modular notebook that allows multiple HDDs and multiple ODDs inside. :wink:

Has anyone been able to get a universal remote to work with the W4200?? I tried every phillips code for my RCA remote as the manual says but the best I’ve been able to achieve is channel and volume +/- and power. You cannot use the numbers, menu button, etc. Are there other codes maybe I should try or maybe a cheap universal remote that is known to work fully with this model TV?

I’ll wait for the SED TVs by Toshiba and Canon.