Dell US is going to drop prices on extreme machines


Dell Computer is dropping the price of its computers for enthusiasts by up to $750 for the next few days, one of the many temporary specials offered by the Round Rock, Texas-based company.

Until Wednesday, consumers who buy a particular configuration of the Inspiron 9300, designed for home entertainment, will get $750 off, according to Dell’s site. The notebook, which usually sells for $2114, comes with a Pentium M 730 processor (1.6GHz), 512MB of memory, and 80GB drive and a DVD burner.

The Inspiron XPS Gen 2 for gamers has likewise dropped from $2749 to $2349. The system comes with a 2GHz Pentium M processor and a 17-inch screen. Even at a discount, the latest technology comes at a price. For $2349, budget buyer could four discount Inspiron notebooks and have about $150 left over.

All these deals only last until Wednesday, but history says that the company will likely follow up with similar deals as soon as these expire.

Meanwhile, the Dell XPS Gen 5 desktop has dropped from $2099 to $1599. The system comes with DDR 2 memory, a big hard drive and a whole heck of a lot of other stuff.

Of all the PC companies, Dell is the one that worships numbers most. The company often tries to test demand elasticity and how pricing effects consumer behavior by offering temporary discounts. The results of these deals are then tabulated and examined in detail so the company can fine tune its discounts.

These deals also help the company make its revenue goals for the month.

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Dell has been real vigilent about having these great price drops. Only problem is, they raise the price of the base system, right before they offer the price drop. In some instances you would have been better off buying it the week before as an outrageous deal. They do have some pretty good deals. (I paid no more than $1500.00 each for both of my setups, and that was almost a year ago), but you have to watch closely, and monitor their prices and deals. One of my systems was an AAFES deal, and the other was a EPP deal combined with DELLF coupons.