Dell U2412M True Height

Hiya folks,

Looking to buy one of these well known monitors but have run into a problem with the advertised specs… which says the height of this monitor with stand is 20.22 inches. As I only have 19.5 inches to play with I asked Dell to confirm whether this is a minimum or maximun height and they told me its the minimum, which after giving it some thought makes no sense to me. (Dell lists the U2413 as having a height ranging from 16.4 inches to 20.9 inches). I’ve tried all my local sources (Vancouver BC) with hopes that I might physically measure it, but no one seems to carry it.

So, I thought I’d ask you kind folks… of those that have one of these (and I’m sure there are many), if one of you could lower yours as far down as it will go and give me a measurement from desttop to the upper edge?

Appreciate any help you can give me! :bigsmile:

If I am reading correctly, 20.22" would be the max.


Ya, thats what I suspected. Where did this info come from? Looks like a scan of an owners manual.

On an aside - nice home theatre, I too have an Oppo, a BDP-93.

[B]PDF Link:[/B]


I Love my Oppo. Well worth the money. Excellent build quality.


Heh, seriously? Now I feel like a knob. That’s the one place I probably should have checked myself… thank you for the link.

And yes, I love my Oppo too. It’s my second, and definitely not my last.

Heh, just my luck… had them on sale at $100 off. Now that I finally have all the info that I need and decide to buy it? Not on sale any more… meh! Oh well.