Dell touch screen all-in-one announced

I just posted the article Dell touch screen all-in-one announced.

Dell will boost its line of touch screen PCs with new models that are less-expensive than its competitors.

Multi-touch doesn’t come standard with the Dell Studio One 19, but it’s available as an…

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Now this is smart…$700 for a touchscreen PC. Granted, you can customize it and it will cost more, but starting at $700…I think its great…Much greater than Dell’s soon-to-be-failure Adamo…since that thing starts at $2000.

I really like the all in one concept. Especially for the PC that I would use at home to browse the Internet and get email etc… I hate clutter and this solves that problem it seems. Having said that, I don’t understand the need for a touch screen with this setup pictured. I think the mouse and keyboard are closer to the user. In addition, I think the screen would get fingerprints all over it and this would be annoying too.

@Crabby…a touch screen would be useful if this were say…in the Kitchen…you could easily use it to (slide finger) flip through recipes and such. Also, if you put the upcoming Windows 7 on it…it will have much better support for touch throughout the OS. Right now, most OEMs have their own custom touch programs for customers to use.

Although, I understand your argument w/ Fingerprints. If you are using this machine to watch movies, obviously you wouldn’t want fingerprints on the device.

It looks damn similar to a sideways-oriented iPod Touch don’t ya think? :stuck_out_tongue:

If I had one of these I’d have it integrated on a countertop or a cabinet (after using some scratch-resistance treatment) - that would be nice (and cool). I’d use it for recipes (guys cook too), VNC, and probably to entertain my cat and distract him from the food I’m cooking. :bigsmile:

Exciting times. :smiley: