Dell takes aim at Apple iPod yet again



I just posted the article Dell takes aim at Apple iPod yet again.

An article recently published in The Wall Street Journal indicates Dell may possibly make a fool hearty attempt to launch a new digital music player aimed at competing with the Apple iPod, which owns…

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Wo-o, I am the first one to add comment to this. I like iPod, but I like more companies competing with Apple iPod. Dell may be great competitor for Apple on music player.

Hope Dell will own his own market of mp3 player like the Dell computor.:o


Dell has no chance! :cool:


Woo I am the third one to add a comment to this (like it matter, Wayne).

I can’t wait for Apple iPod to die. Apple’s products have style and good interfaces. Unfortunately, their anal licensing schemes and near-complete inability to accept other people’s products working with their own (what’s that? Can’t use OSX on any system other than Apple? May I ask why, when they are advertising Windows working on their machines?), and their obsession with protecting their products to the point of interfering more with customer’s rights than those who pirate (of course, this is DRM in a nutshell). And dropping support for operating systems on newer versions of their software, BUT REQUIRING that new software for their newer players (forcing updates on iTunes). It makes me violently ill and I have vowed to avoid Apple-Anything. If that means I die cold and alone in a world built of iConcrete and everyone breathing iAir then I will still consider my life worth it.


I’d like to see other companies throw their hats in the ring, but I don’t think it matters who it is, because Apple will continue its dominance of the MP3 player market. It seems like SanDisk, Creative and others simply know that they are fighting for second place, and they are okay with it.

I remember when the DJ Ditty was released a few years ago, and I was horrified at what a horrible little MP3 player it was! Let’s just hope that the company learned from its mistakes, and will make the MP3 player simple to use but still have all the features most of us expect out of our MP3 players…


Hey if you don’t like Apple products, go buy that “fantastic” OS called Vista. Apple has every right to ensure quality by locking hardware to software which is why I buy their products. Oh and for the design. Look at this Dell thing- did Helen Keller design it? Ugh.


Ho-hum. Yet another product that will only serve to throw in sharper relief the massive quality and appeal of Apple’s iPod. The more people who throw their hats into the ring, the better the iPod looks.


This is a joke. As much as I would like someone to take on iPod (and Apple), this is NOT the product to do it.