Dell/Sony DW-D56A firmware PDS3 needed

Just wondering if anyone’s backed this up & saved to a bin file yet…

Thanks in advance, GREAT site!

I do have a copy of PDS3 that someone sent me…

dhc014 - please send it to my e-mail address above when you get a chance…thx! I’ll post the results here if you like…

Your email address is not posted above. Please send me an email requesting the file.

Hi, Dave, my e-mail address is, looking forward to the file.

Do I need to crosspatch the file you send me? And, do I need to check the “Update” as well as the “update bootcode” fields? Thx.

Your questions were answered here.

Hey, cant find the PSD3.bin anywhere, can anyone help me please?? it would be greatly appreciated. Please email it to Thanks guys.

sorry i mean PDS3.bin

Can you find it here?