Dell replacing my Philips dvd-rw with a NEC drive...please tell me about NEC



After complaining about my burned dvds not working with any dvd players, I was able to get Dell to replace my 16x Philips dvd-rw +/- drive with an NEC drive. They won’t give me the model #, but “think” it is the right one. Is NEC a good brand? I am using DVD Shrink and CloneDVD to burn my dvd-rs. none that i burn with the Philips will work my JVC and Tosiba players, but do work in the PC. I am hoping the NEC will fix this problem, as after trying many different brands of dvd-r and different programs, I have seen the drive being the problem. Plus, on the Dell forum, SO many people are having issues with the Philips. It is ridiculous…shame on Dell!!


I hope the new NEC will work for you. I’m very happy with my NEC 3500. Great quality burns will ALL Made in Japan media. It is a better DVD burner when compared to my Plextor 712 and the BenQ 1620. Keep in mind that most playback issues are related to the quality of the DVD media and the type of DVD format. Since you are already using DVD-R media, the disc should work with most stand alone DVD players. Perhaps the Philips is not compatible with the media you have available for testing and the speed of the burn.

Dell is living on past reputation.


I have tried several different brands of dvd-r. all will work in the computer, but not on my standalone dvd players. they do work on other peoples’ dvd players, but not most. i don’t think it is a media problem, as that was also my first thought. then i thought it was my dvd players, but now it has become clear it is the writer. and after reading all the posts about my specific drive on the Dell forum, I see that many customers are dealing with similar and worse problems.
i don’t know what model # NEC I am getting, but it is a 16X rw, Dell isn’t sure it is dual layer though.
i took your advice and asked for samples of those japan-made disks. they should be getting to me soon to try.
I am very disappointed with Dell. they knowingly are putting these bad drives in their computers and when you call, the have the nerve to say you are the “first person to complain about the drive.” then you check out their message boards, on THEIR website, and see there are hundreds who have complained before you. nice way to do business.


The old “1st person” excuse.

I spent all day trying to remove 5.3GB of factory crapware from my friend’s BRAND NEW DELL 8400. Have no idea why he wanted to keep the factory DELL C partition. I finally wiped the C partition and reloaded WXP Home. Final installation size was 1.5GB, vs 7.1GB from the factory. Memory load after reboot went down from 205MB to 84MB. The morons at DELL didn’t include the proper driver for the 19" LCD and the onboard sound and network module. I had to use dialup to download these drivers from the DELL website.

Oh yeah, the 8400 case partially covers 20% of the CD/DVD tray when you eject the disc.

The 16X NEC drive will be able to burn DL media. My guess…NEC 3520.


so you don’t foresee me having the same problems with the NEC that i had with my philips? if i burn video_ts files onto a dvd-r, should i expect it to play in my dvd player? i would hate to go thru all this to find out the NEC doesn’t produce disks I can play either, but i don’t know too many people with this issue. i am thinking my crappy philips just isn’t comptaible w/ most players and that getting the new NEC should clear this up.


also, i have some dvd-r at home that i purchased and would like to use. they are probably not made in japan though. have you used tdk or verbatim w/ your NEC?


Yes…Taiwanese RicohJpn 01/02 media from TDK and Taiwanese MCC 003 from Verbatim. All are DVD+Rs. No problem to report. I would pick the RicohnJpn over MCC 003. My experience with DVD-R is limited to 8X Made in Japan media from Fuji. Again, no burn issue with the NEC 3500.

Your new NEC should be able to set the book type of DVD+R media to DVD-ROM. This should make the burned DVDs more compatible with various stand-alone DVD players. First, make sure the drive is fully functional. Next step is to flash the FIRMWARE to support DVD+R/+RW bitsetting.