Dell releases redesigned Inspiron notebooks



Dell releases redesigned Inspiron notebooks.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Dell refreshed its popular Inspiron line of notebooks by announcing several new products with 14-inch, 15-inch and 17-inch models expected.

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Well that is all good and all if your the techno freak wanting the latest and greatest gadgets but for me my Dell Latitude D830 and Inspiron E1505 are just as good and if not better works for me. I will only go with another Dell and second HP only when they both die or someone offers me good $$ for them then I give them up.


looking at them (other than a seperate number pad) I draw a complete blank as to what exactly is different between the new ones and the 16month old 1525 I’m using to post this reply.

Smudge proof touch pad? that’s not new…



So … it’ got new … cover colours?

I’m sitting in front of a new Quad core studio laptop that was received two weeks ago … ordered 4 weeks ago … and apart from the 10 key number pad, the totally whacked colours, and intel wireless display, which isn’t compatible with any of my TV’s …

Unless it’s for pure bragging rights … :stuck_out_tongue: