Dell Optiplex GX50 CPU Upgrade




Trying to upgrade the CPU on this older machine. It currently has a PIII celeron @ 900Mhz. I upgraded the machine to the latest BIOS (A06) but I have yet to find another PIII (100 or 133 FSB) that is compatible with the computer. I have upgraded CPUs on many computers before but never have I met a machine that was so stubborn. I couldn’t find any useful info on Dell’s support site. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,

Adict2jane :cool:


Why are you even bothering?
An Atom 330 CPU is actually faster than the current CPU (yes, it’s that slow).


Hi Diizzy,

Yeah, I know that it’s very slow compared to today’s CPUs. I have lots of old chips laying around and I wanted to get the machine as usable as possible before donating it. It would be used for Microsoft office work, so it doesn’t need anything faster than a PIII anyway


Looks like you’ll need (at least) a Pentium III Coppermine CPU.


E-model that is, not EB