Dell Optiplex GX100 BIOS password

Does anyone know how to recover a BIOS-setup password on a Dell Optiplex GX100 (Phoenix ROM BIOS PLUS version 1.10 A04
). Maybe someone has a master password?
B.t.w., I do not want to clear the C-MOS.

Hmnnn dificult one that… I beleive you won’t be able to retreive this without quite a lot of hassle,

what could there be in the bios that you are worried about loosing? if I remember the bios correctly (and being a dell) there isn’t much in there apart from where you want to boot from (cd, floppy etc)

Mr C

I’ve upgraded (without permission) the Dell I use at my work. Unfortunatly the system administrator enabled the chassis intrusion detection and put a password in the BIOS setup. So I’ve got a slight problem. Lukely he didn’t find out yet.
I was hoping it would be easy to retreive this password from the C-MOS.

I used to work for dell as a tech. There is no way to recover the password and there is no master password. The only way is to clear the BIOS.

good luck:confused:

Thanks for the reply.

I’ve cleared the C-MOS checksum byte and this clears also the chassis intrusion message at startup.

Problem solved.