Dell offers Sony PlayStation 3 for $339

I just posted the article Dell offers Sony PlayStation 3 for $339.

If you’ve been on the lookout for an 80GB Sony PlayStation 3 but don’t want to spend the higher price for the console, Dell has a good deal for you. Dell has the 80GB PS3 available for $339.99…

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I owned a PS2 and when the next gen consoles were coming out I waited until Sony initially released their price for the PS3. When I found out it was going to be $599, I went out and bought an xbox. If the price was $340 three years ago, I would’ve gotten a PS3.

So, for me, the price drop simply came too late. I would consider getting one though if it got to $200.

Yes, it is likely that future PS3 sales will take place in the future.


No, not so likely after all. The future sales exist only in our minds today, but when they happen it will be in precense.:clap:

It should be £250 now, and £200 when the new 45nm Cell chipset is introduced, assuming this changeover will be occurring sometime this year.

“as the price of standalone Blu-ray players significantly decreased over the past six months.” LOL…I think $200 for a Blu player is still very high to me. I would think between $50-$100 for a standalone player, and $299 for a PS3 would be good prices. Rumor is that the PS3 should drop to $299 in April anyways. Only time will tell.

I purchased a PS3 in December. I think the price drop would be nice, but caution the buyer to see what is included. My bundle included the 80G model with two wireless controls, the blue-ray remote, an HDMI cable, and two games (I paid $500).

Never forget that if it only comes with one controller, it is almost $60 US for a 2nd one. The remote is $30-40 US, an HDMI cable is another $40US, and the games are close to $60US a piece).

As for the “cheap” blue-ray players … check what they have. Some do not have any way to go online and update to any new firmware. These also lack the ability to download BD-Live extras. I decided to get the PS3 because it automatically updates, has a quick wireless and of course the faster LAN connection, and it plays some great hi-def games to boot :-).
It made a great addition to my 42" 1080

Still, if you’re not about to play games on a PS3, but you do want to watch your movies on your HDTV in HD, then a standalone Blu-ray player with a nice built-in upscaler for about $200 doesn’t sound so bad to me :slight_smile:

still too expensive. drop it to $200 and bring back ps2 compat.

I have checking the prices for a stand alone blu-ray DVD player vs PS3 and until they come down, I’m not buying. There are reports Sony may come down $100 on the PS3 unit but I’m not sure that would be enough and then would the new price include a PS3 unit that would play blu-ray DVD’s?

Of course it will, the bluray needs to be built into it to play the games in the first place!

and sony did do this(restrict the blu playback) before with their 20gig model and failed with it miserablely, so they are surely not daft enough to do this again(are they?)

also the ps3 always get firmware updates(cheaper players don’t), and also upscales your existing DVD’s quite nicely too(as does the other bluray players)