Dell now sells 4x DVD+R/-R drive



Dell sells TDK indiDVD 4x DVD+R/-R drive for a good price.


Cool stuff , i asked for a test model :slight_smile:


Just took the plunge guys
Bought the TDK indiDVD 4x DVD+R/-R for $271 thats shipped
As mentioned the price is $321, I added some DVD-R and DVD+R
media 5 packs which pushed it over $350 then added the
2 $45 off coupons below for an addtional $90 off plus free
shipping and NO TAX! sent to San Diego. Usually when sent
from the Utah or Kentucky warehouses the California tax is
not applicableā€¦and that added to this deal.

If you can live with a Black Bezel this may be the deal of the year.

THIS IS THE LAST DAY 4/29 for the coupons:

Coupon Code: AA6363649171 / 502A2D028D7E - Expires: 4/29/2003