Dell & Napster team to fight bandwidth-hogging P2P at schools

I just posted the article Dell & Napster team to fight bandwidth-hogging P2P at schools.

 As colleges 

and universities often struggle to limit the amount of bandwidth hogged by file
sharing students, Dell and Napster have teamed up in an aim to offer college and

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1 What students actually download there music legally? Cmon students dont have $$ 2 Umm a local dell server at a colledge where students can hack into the cash server and get the songs for free any way…

If bandwidth is a problem why can’t they just plug Napster into Internet2?

for this very reason perhaps?

My school tried this with a service called “CDigix”… 128k DRM’d WMA’s just didn’t have the same impact as the mp3 and FLAC files that were available for free on Direct Connect.