DELL memory problem

I recently got some memory for my DELL Dimension 2350. A 512MB chip from I believe its the 3200 speed memory too. However, the PC is not recognizing it. It just beeps when I turn it on. I have tried all combinations with the new memory. By itself in both slots, combined with old 512MB memory in each slot (for total of 1GB). Old memory works in both slots by itself too so I know its not that either.

Now, I was told that even if I got 3200 speed memory, it will bump itself down to 2700 if needed. However, I might need to make sure my BIOS is updated. I am pretty sure it is. I have BIOS version A02 for this model and I think that is the latest. Or is there possibly another version?

I’ve really pushed the new memory stick into the slots and it has clipped in as needed. The old memory chip simply fits in with barely any pressure. Any other suggestions on what might be going on here? Or do I simply have a bad stick?

These machines take the pc 2100(266) ram not pc 2700(333) and for sure not the pc 3200(400). These were the first dells to up the ram speed from the old 133 sdram. You need to get different ram.

Yea, I’m thinking I need to exchange it & get the lower speed. if that is the case, I’m a little ticked cause the one I got was recommended by Crucial’s own online scanning tool.

Also, if you notice, doesn’t even recommend 2100 (266) for the DELL 2350 on their site. They only recommend DDR333 & DDR400. What’s up with that if the 266 is really the one to get.

I’m noticing other sites are recommending PC2700 and/or PC3200 so I’m not sure what to believe here & am confused.

According to Dell it is pc 2100 which is correct. The Dell 2350 uses the intel 845gl chipset it supports 200/266 sdram. Maybe the memory your looking at will downclock itself to the 266 spec.

What is the memory that is in it? Numbers ect.
This is an older rig right?

I’d have to check, but I just got off the phone with Crucial & they apparently are aware of the problem. They said it depends on your version of chipset or something like that. Some can take the faster 2700 memory, some can’t.

Bottom line, Crucial is doing a full exchange for me and will send me 2700 memory that will work for my system. They are even paying to send the incorrect 3200 memory back. So I guess they are back in my good graces again.