Dell looks to create iTunes killer

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After rumours indicated Dell plans to launch a new MP3 player aimed at taking market share away from Apple, the company also is planning to unveil a new iTunes competitor that will be open to…

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Yeah, and Microsoft tries to make an iPod killer and Nokia, LG, Samsung try to make an iPhone killer, etc. etc.

Zing. LOL sounds like Xing.

Well it won’t be hard to make something that is better than the garbage that is iTunes.
But taking some market share from Apple will be the hard part. iPods are don’t have the best quality audio among portable players and iTunes is crap. But that hasn’t prevented them from owning the market ! iPods have cool features and work well and are very intuitive etc … and the Touch is more like a portable computer! So good luck DELL.
But they have a flicker of hope in that this is a service and it will be compatible accross multiple platforms, so it kind of pits everyone vs. Apple. However at the same time, if most players out there are Apple, there aren’t many customers to go after…
Some products can be Apple killers but in specs and technology only, but not in marketing and success. Even though something better comes out Apple will still sell more than the “killers” which have better and more features. Its a strange world that way.

I hope they are successful. I think Ipods, Nanos, Iphones, ect are way overpriced to begin with. Apple has done an excellent job of hiping and spinning their product. It is going to take something similiar to take them off their throne. Maybe this “ex” Apple guy can do this. Just able to export to other devices isn’t going to cut it though. They will have to come out with something “groundbreaking” and really market it. It will have to be something where people will go “wow”!! Will you look at that. I remember when the Iphone came out. It was all over the news and reporters “drooling” over it.

nowt wrong with my bush discman player, i got abba 1 2 n 3, on disc im happy. only a fiver from carboot sale too.

I think it’s good to see Dell working on its own “iTunes killer” that is going to end up being open to multiple platforms.

I am not keen on iTunes, but can’t blame Apple for wanting to lock iPod owners into using the company’s own software. It’s a shame things like Anapod Explorer, which I find much easier to use, cost money after the trial period ends.

The only problem is iTunes, Apple and their products are trendy and popular. They also are good hardware products.

OTOH, Dell is lame- they are almost a joke, like the BestBuy geek Squad or something like that. The Packard-Bell of the 21st century. They will never be able to out market Apple and to come stumbling out of their corner making such a lofty claim is like a death wish.