Dell LCD + game = black outs!

I have a dell E151FP LCD and whenever i use it for playing games it’ll play and then after awhile it’ll blackout like its in sleep mode then come back on, though the game doesn’t crash. It works fine in anything else but in games it does it.
The two where its most pronounced is Half-Life 2, GTA: SA and The Bard’s Tale, i have yet to test it with anything else, but this is only a recent problem. System specs as posted:

Dell E151FP [Monitor] (15.2"vis, September 2002)
ATi Radeon 9600XT 256mb AGP 8x
Creative Labs SB Live! 5.1
AOpen Springdale-PE 918AT10701
Pentium 4 2.8 GHz
1gb Geil Dual Channel (2x512) PC3200

This is a recent problem (5 days now) and it has never happened before.
The hardware specs haven’t changed in almost 3 months, and i tried it with a GeForce 4 Ti4200 128mb and it had the same effect. When i tried it with a different monitor it worked fine any thoughts?

Well for one thing it might be this… ATI has a built in feature that is called VPU recovery. If your graphics card crashes, and then restores itself via VPU recovery, u can commonly see a black screen for a moment or two. (You probably already knew that) My friend had this happen several times on his AIW Radeon 9600XT. Common ways that he chose to cure it was to reduce the graphics settings at times, and he also added a couple case fans, one directly below the vid card. But most likely it’s your screen. Anyone have more experience with Dell LCD’s? Do u have a way of monitoring your GPU temps? Your vid card might be overheating. I know of two good and free temp monitors. Mbm5, motherboard monitor, and Speedfan are both free and highly customizable.

The whole above mentioned affair is actually in an Antec Lanboy (the original one, the new one looks very ugly to me) aluminum case and has a pair of Vantec Stealth fans, one in front and one in rear cooling. The Video card afer a long day of HL2 is running at normal temps, as is mobo and proc. I tried the game w/o VPU recovery on and it made no difference, i figured it might not because i did try the other card. Its been tried on HL2 at 800x600x16 with all settings on lowest and it still happened.
Also i just reset my bios to setup defaults with no effects. :frowning:

I love my little LCD and i dont have any cash to replace it, i hope theres a fix i just can’t think of!

Aye, sounds like your case is well cooled, and its not your vid cards, which was what my main concern was at first. I hope its not your LCD screen either, but I really dont think it could be anythin’ else. By chance does your LCD screen get extremely warm some times? If it does, all points lead to it being a bad or dieing monitor. I also use a pair of Vantec Stealth for my front 2 case fans. I have a Samsung SyncMaster 763mb Perfect Flat CRT that I love as well, but its started “Boingin” its way to the dumpster :frowning: Sometimes its even so bad that my UPS thinks its a small surge and the whistle turns on lol. Btw, nice choice in your case! That was my other wavering choice before I chose mine.

Hmm, an intersting development, i was playing Counter-Strike at a lan party using my CRT monitor when i noticed the display tweaking out, like it was rolling and lines were going across it! There may be something else up…

Wow, that IS odd. What do u think it could be?

No fuckin clue. I formatted my PC and reinstalled everything, i went and ran bards tale and it was fine. I played for 2 hours and turned everything off. I came back today and gasp the problem was back, no driver updates or anything. I installed newest catalyst drivers (not the whole package, just the drivers) and still the same problems. I think the next stop is newest chipset drivers, newest drivers of everything. After that its time for a motherboard flash… :a grrr. I’ll keep this thread posted if i find the solution or i’ll just continue begging for help.

I’m afraid to get my hopes up, but i think i fixed it. My mobo (AX4SPE-N) had the original bios and there were 8 revisions after that, the newest provides a boost to 800mhz fsb and DDR400 (which i have) and my year old Chipset drivers probably weren’t helping (i’ve been putting off downloading the newest, just lazy i suppose) it seems to be alright even with HT on. I’m going to install the full catalyst drivers next and “test” by playing bards tale for 4 hours.