Dell Latitude 3570 i3


My laptop comes with 4 gb of ram which I already upgraded to 8 (equal so running in dual channel) Can I put an i7 in this laptop? I see it sold other places with an i7 already but it has onboard video so I don’t know if this will affect a cpu upgrade


if its the same generation CPU, you could upgrade to an i7 but be careful to get a CPU that has the same TDP as the one that you have, so that the cooling system could work without any issues.
No it should not affect the the performance of the GPU.


how do I check TDP& what does it stand for? I have never messed with laptops really. I’ve built a few towers only


If you google your cpu you will get a link for your CPU on the intel ark website, there you will be able to find the info about your current CPU and its TDP, you will need a CPU that has the same TDP and one that is compatible with with your laptop.

Thermal Design Power (TDP) represents the average power, in watts, the processor dissipates when operating at Base Frequency with all cores active under an Intel-defined, high-complexity workload. Refer to Datasheet for thermal solution requirements.

In my case my, and according to intels website, if i wanted to put a new cpu it will have to be fourth gen, with a tdp of 15W, if its higher than this the cooling will not work as intended, and my laptop will overheat, and hopefully shutdown, if not worst.

Also check the service manual for your laptop, and see what is the procedure when you change the CPU, I will assume that if its not soldered it will be very easy to change, if on the other hand its soldered then i am afraid that you will have to live with the i3 that you have.

Again this is not a simple task, so read the service manual, do a search on the dell forum and see if what you ask is possible, and once you are 101% sure that you know what you are doing then if you want you can move forward with that, if you are not 101% sure i will advice you to stay with the cpu that you currently have.


yes i see. I’m only seeing one version of i7 that is compatible but I thought i7 was quad core & the i7 6600u only has 2 cores wtf?? how is this any different than my i3? there is one i7 8565u but I don’t know if this cpu will work. The cpu I have in my system is core i3 6100u / I have a dell latitude 3570 & it doesn’t look like that my system memory of ddr3l 1600 will work with the 8565. also if I upgrade to the 6600u it looks like I can upgrade my system memory to ddr4 but the dell website says nothing about being able to use this memory


yes your CPU is 2cores 4threads, the only gain that you might see would be a slightly higher speed, and you will still have the 2C/4T.

No, the 8th gen CPU’s are not compatible with your current laptop the same applies for the DDR4 RAM, if you want/need that CPU you will have to get a new laptop, and maybe sell the old one?