Dell laptop NEC-5100 reading CD's not DVD's

While trying to fix a few software problems on my dads laptop I came across this one.

Bascially the NEC-5100 drive will read all the CD’s that I have put into it but no DVD’s (pressed or copied).

I’ve tried uninstalling and updating but nothing so far.

Is it knacked or some kind of issue somewhere.

Many thanks for any help.

I suggest using (or creating) a bootable DVD and then try booting the laptop from that DVD. If the laptop cannot read the DVD at boot, then it’s a drive problem. If the laptop can read the DVD during boot, then it’s a Windows problem.

A drive problem cannot be fixed except by replacing the drive, but a Windows problem is something we can try to fix.

DELL has crippled firmware, I would probably first try to crossflash to an 5500. :wink:

I doubt it’s crippled to the point of not reading DVDs at all. :wink:

I suggest avoiding any flashing until it’s determined if the problem is with the drive or with Windows, because flashing firmware introduces an additional unknown, and it can become harder to figure out where the problem is.

Sight problem.

Got no bootable DVD’s and can’t make one as this is the only computer I have access to at present.

Anyone got a few ideas, windows wise for me to try.

Have you tried looking in this thread about similar problems?

NEC/Optiarc DVD-R Reading Problems

Fiddled around and in the end downloaded and tried ISOBuster to read the disc. Didn’t work.

Then the disc in the drive was found and read fine!!!

So tried a second disc, nothing, so went back to the one that did worka nd it dosn’t work anymore.

So the drive works??? But something in windows is messing it up??? Or just a freak occurance.