Dell Laptop Help!

Ok my girlfriend has a Dell Inspirion. I think her dad got it for her. The problem is someone else is the administrator, and we cant do ALOT of the featurs on the computer etc, internet, and alot of programs. The message it gives is something like " You do not have access to *********, please sign in as the administrator." When you reboot to try to do so, there is no where to sign in as admin or even make my gf the new admin. Is there any over rides or ways around this? Any input would be appreciated!


Where did her dad get if from. If it was new, there will be no password set. If it was used, whoever had it before should have wiped the hd, or should be able to give you the password. If you can’t get that, I suggest that you use the install cd, and format and reload the software.

It is used and we cant get the password or w/e we need from the previous owner. Im trying to re-install windows XP on it, but not my product key has expired or something. :frowning:

In case of windows xp, you will get many softwares to break the admin password. For example hiren boot cd, or winternal commander. You have to gather all this software to breake the password from internet or from your friend. This the only way to break the software. Another thing alredy reached you that to format the laptop and reinstall the xp with all the drivers. If your xp cd is not working you have to gather one from your friend.

If you do not have all this options call someone proffessional.


Are you still having this prob? There are many programs for reseting the Admin password or making a new admin on an existing machine…