Dell Laptop filter problems



ok my Dell Latitude D530 laptop has a software filter issue…

i can’t connect to the internet with an ethernet cable from my modem…
its not a port problem because i can connect in safe mode…I don’t know what the name or location of the filter …but is there some way to by pass it…
its an old work computer and i’m giving it to my mom who has now in her late 60s’ decided to go back to school…and i have to make this a fool proof computer for her…( I JUST NOW taught her how to use a cell phone …:frowning: and that was a feat within its self…) I appreciate all those who can help me…and you’ll have my undying love …if you can fix this issue…



at first check “internet options” in Internet Explorer (or via Control Panel). Perhaps some parental control options are enabled.
Additionally, have a look at the hosts file (usually in C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc).

Also, this problem could be due to some 3rd party “firewall” application.

But since you want to give that laptop away, I’d rather suggest to reinstall the operating system on a fresh formatted HDD. (and don’t forget to install all updates)



yeah i talked with debro a bit…and tried a few things…it really appears that a fresh install is going to be the best way…now all i have to do …is transfer my music files and i’m good to go…


What is quite possible is that something broke the Winsock configuration on it, e.g. from an infection that was removed or something (e.g. rootkit) still on it. You could try running the freeware utility Winsock on it, which might fix the issue if it’s just a Winsock issue.

If you have time to spare, a fresh install would be the best way to go and this would also give a more responsive laptop… :iagree:


You could take the filter out and blow it out with compressed air.:bigsmile: