Dell laptop CPU

I have a couple of Dell laptops with apparently identical motherboards; one has a Sempron 64 cpu and one has an AthlonX2 64. The Athlon has a failed hardwire internet connection (the wireless still works) and its video occasionally crashes. If it gets worse, would it be worth the effort to try to switch the CPUs so that the more reliable machine has the Athlon?

It may not be that simple. The BIOS of the motherboard has to be able to recognize the new CPU. There might be enough age in between those two CPUs to make this an issue. Sometimes a BIOS update is available from Dell to expand the number of CPUs a motherboard can recognize. Also, you can check to see what CPU options were available for the Sempron laptop and maybe you will get lucky and find the Athlon was an option. There is also no guarantee that each laptop has the same CPU socket. Look at the specifications for each one to figure this out.

One last thing. If you haven’t given the laptops a good cleaning, then that may be the cause of the crashes. The heat exchanger fins and fan can get clogged up with dust and dirt making the components run hot. Get a can of air and blow out the heat exchanger from the exhaust side. If you see a lot of crap come out then you might have fixed your problem.

Often what seem to be hardware issues, like the optical drive, the Network or WiFi card
suddenly not being recognized is the result of operating system corruption which is in
turn is caused by an aging HDD…

VERY often starting from scratch and reinsstalling the OS on a fresh HDD will correct many apparrent problems.

As stated above updating the bios first then the “chipset driver” from dell wil correct many such issues

what model are both notebook computers?


Thanks–gave me ideas for research…

They are a Latitude 131L and an Inspiron 1501, but the 131L is older…

You might be in luck regarding the socket type of the CPUs. Looks like they are both S1 (S1G1) sockets. The question is if the BIOS will recognize the dual core CPU. The 1501 did have a dual core AMD CPU as an option so it might just be as simple as a CPU swap.


It would be a good idea to upgrade the bios to the latest version on the receiving machine (assuming that it still is functional) [B][I]before[/I][/B] the swap-eh.