Dell is a 4 letter word - tsstcorp dvd+/-rw TS-L532B

Hi All,

Ive just bought a tsstcorp dvd+/-rw TS-L532B drive for my dell latitude d600. The drive plays CDs fine, however when I put a dvd in it and start the DVD player software, the application crashes. I get the “xxx application has encountered a problem and needs to close. Send/Dont Send” message. I have tried both WinDVD and Media Player 11. I have done/checked the following:

  • Rebooted.
  • Removed drive and reinserted it.
  • Driver is OK… I think. (DE04)
  • Read the other TS-L532B threads in this forum and cant find anyone else reporting the same issue.
  • The region is set correctly and I have even tried playing other region DVDs.

Any suggestions/ideas would be greatly greatly appreciated…

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not sure what the issue is. Can you read data DVDs? If not, the problem is your drive.

You can try VLC player for DVD-Videos.
It’s free and has it’s own built in drivers for all video types.