Dell InspironTSST TS-L532B/L532A


The DVD drive on my Inspiron 6000 died recently. The L532B is compatible with my laptop, and apparently the only difference between it and the L532A is the firmware.

There is a firmware upgrade on the Dell site called DE04:

I have found a cheap L532A for sale. If I flash this upgrade onto the L532A, will it effectively convert it to an L532B?


Who told you they would have the same hardware?

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Use search for “TS-L532B” and I can ensure you will find useful links. :wink:

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chef, that question needs no answer… :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve already tried to search the site, but have drawn a blank. It was at CDFreaks that I found out that both L532s comprised the same hardware, at the thread below, but the person posting was trying to flash from B to A, whereas I’d like to do it the other way round.

I can’t find any other information on whether I can flash an A to create a B, or even whether an L532A would be compatible with my Inspiron, without the need for any flashing.

If there is a thread that will answer these questions, would someone please post the link, because for the life of me, I can’t find it.