DELL Inspiron E1705/SONY DW-Q58A problem

I have a DELL Inspiron E1705 with a SONY DVD±RW DW Q58A that does not even recognize DVDs. It can burn CDs but that is all.

I have not modified this computer at all and the drive still does not work.

I have downloaded the latest ‘drivers’ but that did not make any difference.

As such I would also like to find out why this drive does not work. I have found no information about problems with this drive either on the Sony or DELL websites.

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Any help would be greatly appreciated,
David Penwell

Welcome to CD Freaks, David :slight_smile:

I split your post off from the other thread since it seems different. Also it’s better not to add an email address for spam-bots to pick up. :wink:

It can burn CDs you say, can it read them?