Dell Inspiron B130 upgrades?

Ok here goes I recently aquired a Dell B130 and plan to upgrade and fix the broken keyboard with another from Dell but also I like to upgrade the CPU which currently is a Celeron M cpu 1.4 to a higher Pentinum M processor to get better performance. The other upgrades I can easy do and not take to much planning but the CPU is another matter and was wondering has anyone done or know of a reliable site that can explain better? I know once I get it up and running I will use CPUz to find the exact specs to be sure to get a cpu that matches the chipset specs for it to work. I get back to this as soon as I get a new battery and power cable and power this unit up.

Update as well I also read online that other owners of the same model laptop did switch the network wireless card as well to the version Wireless 1470 802.11 a/b/g Mini PCI Card and said it worked as well? I did check on Dell site and it also list the card for the same pc but uses only one of the connection. So I am guess since the old card is currently the Wireless 1370 802.11b/g Mini PCI Card and read they switched the card and got better reception and usage. So I am thinking of doing that switch as well. I will upgrade to 2G and the HDD to 320 and the CD drive to a Sony IDE dvd burner as well later. But I am first going to get the replacement AC adapter and battery and go on from there. Cause as of right now it still has the original battery but no AC adapter so I have to get a replacement keyboard and PS and then see charge it and see what it does from there. Hopefully the computer still alive and working :confused: :confused:. If it is still alive and working correctly I will plan my upgrade or component switching from that point on. And if anyone else knows of what else I should look for or hints what else to do please tell me. Thanks.

PS. They gave me the laptop so it was more or less free. It’s something you don’t get but heck I will take it if they give it to me and if I can get it working the more better to use it then throw it away. Plus Dell still has parts for this computer being it was made in 2006.

Would I have any real benefits with the battery replacement Mah difference of 400 mah? One is 4400mah and the other is 4800mah hours?

[QUOTE=coolcolors;2503404]Would I have any real benefits with the battery replacement Mah difference of 400 mah? One is 4400mah and the other is 4800mah hours?[/QUOTE]

You won’t notice the difference, so price would be the factor to take into account.

I would do the bare minimum to get it running before spending any real money on it. Also try to figure how much your going to spend in the long run as compared to buying something new.