Dell inspiron 531 cd/dvd player



HI. I have a dell insprion 531 and the cd/dvd player won’t work. I did the mircosoft test and it couldn;t fix the problem. It won’t read any type of cd or dvd. I’ve tried updating the driver and the firmware and nothing works. please help!!


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are there any error indications in device manager?
Additional check: grab a bootable CD or DVD and see if you can boot your computer from that. You may have to adjust the boot sequence in Bios setup to “boot from CD first” unless there is a “one time boot menu” usually accessible via F12 key.



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Agree with Michael’s suggestions. On my Inspiron 530, it’s F2 for setup (where all your BIOS options live), and F12 for the Boot Menu (where you can pick which drive to boot from on a one-time basis). Hit the F2 or F12 keys as soon as the Dell logo screen appears.

Hopefully your 531 is the same. Hope that’s of some help. :slight_smile:


Which microsoft test did you do? If you haven’t tried deleting your upper and lower driver filter try following the guide in Arachne’s signature.