Dell hard drive woos



i have a dell that i cannot get to recocnize the 250 gig seagate hard drive i have formatted in a dif. pc it works there i have even installed win xp it boots in 2 different pcs put it in the dell nothing changed bios nothing, recovery disk nothing win xp disk nothing either no hard drive found or hard disk error but when i put a old 10 gig hd it is a fat 32 drive running win xp the dell boots fine please how can this be


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Sounds like it is an old Dell and the BIOS doesn’t support large HDD’s. Start by seeing if there is an updated BIOS available on the Dell website. After that, you may need to boot from a CD with the tools provided by the HDD manufacturer. They can often overcome the BIOS limitation.


Would be nice if you could supply info as to what model of dell? :cool:


Most of the Dells that I have come accross since 2001 have had Seagates in them, but that doesnt mean they dont use others.


My Dell Inspiron 531s, came with a Western digital 80 GB… that is why I was asking for more info as to what model… I put a 250 GB Seagate HDD in as a slave and had no issues at all. Heck I put a 120 GB into my old PII with no issues either :confused: