Dell goes cheap with Vostro v13 thin and light



I just posted the article Dell goes cheap with Vostro v13 thin and light.

Although Dell has dove into the pricey and posh notebook market lately, the computer giant is doing a reversal with its Vostro V13 thin and light laptop.

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With a quicky replacement with an SSD … those little beasts will fly, and last as long a netbook!

I can’t see a huge business uptake with Ubuntu as the default OS.
Getting businesses off windows onto linux is like derailing a train … really requires some hefty work … or an explosion or disaster.


Well the first disaster was called - Me - the second was called - Vista - I know not about ver.7 though.


Needs to come down a little more, than I’ll buy one. Using Ubuntu vs. Windows on a laptop is fine, as long as I can take notes, and go online.